We own it, it belongs to the world : A performance by Liang Shan-bo & Zhu Ying-tai is a seven-channel video installation that examines the spaces that are still echoing with the story of Liang Zhu, a story that connects an ‘imagined community’ that transcends geographical boundaries. The myth of Liang Zhu becomes a site of translation across cultural, social, political, linguistic, and other semiotics systems, with multiple non-isolated elements that enter into the composition of the myth.

As the viewer navigates the piece, she embodies the archive while the space is activated to mimic the journey across the various physical and temporal locations in search of the story. These spaces include a senior center in New York City, a hotel in Los Angeles, a public square in Mexico city, various locations across three province in China that are contesting the origin of the story and footages found in films and the virtual world.

In making the project, the question is no longer about what the story is, but what it performs as it is transmitted through its embodiment in the archive (books, artifacts, films, museum exhibitions and visual art) and *repertoire (oral transmission, music, operas). Through looking at and across the various channels, we get a glimpse of how the myth performs memories, imaginations, desires, gender and national identity. The different screens unveil the intersubjective experiences, as well as the intersection between various systems, pointing to the inherently rhizomatic structure of myths.